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There are many stories hidden behind the walls of the Spanish city of Cáceres, but there’s a particular one that unites history, legends and beliefs. A story about love, pride, loyalty and betrayal… Founded by the Romans, Cáceres was conquered by the moors and turned into a massive Muslim fortress. The Christians made many attempts to recover the city during the reconquista, but the unique structure of the city made that nearly impossible. It was not until the reign of King Alfonso IX when history changed… The King sent his best captain to negotiate with the Kaid and convince him to surrender, but when he arrived at the palace he was immediately swept away by the beauty of the Kaid's only daughter. The two fell madly in love and started meeting secretly in a chamber inside the palace hidden by a puzzle of long galleries and tunnels. Months went by and the offense on the city continued relentless, unending. The gallant captain had returned every night since their first encounter and had been given the keys to the secret gallery winning over the princess' trust. However, little by little the captain got torn apart by his loyalty to his King and the love for his beloved. He had to...
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