The region of Dobrich

Locked between the lower Danube and the Black Sea, Dobrich is one of the most picturesque regions in Bulgaria. It is in the the heart of South Dobrudzha - the most fertile Bulgarian land, which endless fields yield the best wheat.

The legend says that Dobrudzha is the land where the horsemen of Khan Asparuh stepped for the first time in VII century and founded the Bulgarian country. After they swam across the Danube, they stopped to have a rest on an upland. Their eyes caught a fabulous view – endless plain, the Black sea shining in the East. The Khan kneeled, touched the ground and blessed it with a male vow “Let Bulgaria be here forever”.

The region of Dobrich develops constantly and draws vigour and spiritual power from its rich past. Thus past and future meet and intertwine into a modern view that has kept and protected Bulgarian traditions and customs, wild nature and exotic places. The harmony between history and modernity, natural resources and cultural achievements, have turned the region into a remarkable place for tourists.

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